Studio Sessions: A Tail of Two Artists

Lincoln, Inverna Lockpez's English Springer Spaniel.

There is no doubt that artist Inverna Lockpez has an affinity for nature and all of its beauty. Her work represents natural landscapes and breathtaking wildlife with every brush stroke. So it should come as no surprise to fans of this artist's paintings that there is one member of the animal kingdom that contributes significantly to Lockpez's creative process.

Lincoln an English Springer Spaniel. Inverna Lockpez's dog.

Painting by Inverna Lockpez: (pictured) Lincoln, Inverna Lockpez's English Springer Spaniel

His name is Lincoln. A charming black and white English Springer Spaniel. Lockpez and Lincoln became a duo in South Carolina some years ago. Lockpez couldn't help but notice right away Lincoln's spunk and spirit, noting "he was the wildest in the litter!"

"he was the wildest in the litter!"

Lincoln, now age 6, is a regular fixture at Lockpez's studio. "He comes in to the studio every day with me and sits next to me while I paint" Lockpez shares in her melodic, Cuban accented English. "Sometimes he gets into paint and also tries to steal brushes!"

Imagining a better muse seems almost impossible. While Lockpez traditionally does not commission what the art world hails as "pet portraits," Lockpez made an exception 3 years back. She created a beautiful likeness of her companion that captures the soft expression and beauty of Lincoln. There is no doubt that the mischievous nature Lockpez first noticed in Lincoln as a puppy can be seen, tucked behind his gently furrowed brows.

While Lincoln would certainly give all artistic credit to his beloved master, art and animal lovers alike must agree, that there is no better stage set for creating a masterpiece than an artist's studio with a four-legged assistant.