Blog: Painter Inverna Lockpez

  • Studio Sessions: A Tail of Two Artists

    There is no doubt that artist Inverna Lockpez has an affinity for nature and all of its beauty. Her work represents natural landscapes and breathtaking wildlife with every brush stroke. So it should come as no surprise to fans of this artist's paintings that there is one member of the animal kingdom that contributes significantly to Lockpez's creative process.
  • Artist Profile: Q&A

    Discover the legacy and inspiration behind the greatest and latest works by painter Inverna Lockpez. An artist with many expressions.

    This Q&A provided by Arts on Douglas, where Lockpez is a featured artist in this New Smyrna gallery, will give you a small glimmer into the imagination of Lockpez's world.

    CONTACT: Arts on Douglas to view and purchase Lockpez's exclusive gallery works.